How can I update my billing/shipping for my Must Have It account?


You can make changes to your shipping in the Account Settings section in your Account at To update your shipping information, click on the current default address and click on the Add a New Address button. To update your billing information, click on the current default payment method and click on the Add a New Payment Method button.

Updating your default shipping address and default payment method in the Account Settings section will not update your shipping or billing information for your existing POPSUGAR Must Have box subscriptions. To update your POPSUGAR Must Have box subscription shipping or billing information, please click on the Subscriptions section in your Account and and select the Details/Manage subscription button below the subscription you would like to update.

Please complete any billing or address changes before replying YES to make your Must Have It purchase. Address changes made after your purchase will only apply to future purchases following the update. Please refer to our Must Have Terms for more information. Please know that it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that your address is current and that you can receive packages, which don’t require a signature.

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