Q: What does it mean when my account is placed on a billing hold?


Your account will automatically be placed on a billing hold when your billing information is not current (i.e., expiration date is incorrect, credit card number is no longer valid, etc.). When billing is processed at the quarterly billing cycle, if your account is placed on a billing hold, you will receive an email notification alerting you that you have 48 hours to correct your billing information for your subscription. If you updated your billing within the allotted time frame but the information is incorrect, you will receive a follow-up email notification as a reminder to change your billing so it can be processed. Please note, accounts placed on billing hold are not immediately recharged upon updating your credit card information on the subscription. Subscriptions placed on billing hold are subject to later delivery dates.

Please know that we cannot reserve that quarter’s Must Have box for you if the billing hold remains on your account. As indicated in the email notification, all subscriptions placed on billing holds that are not correctly updated within 7 days may automatically be closed. While the subscription will be closed, your account will remain active but will require you to create another subscription. We recommend using the same login information when creating a new subscription so that any referrals carry over.

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